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February 2, 2018: Statement from District Attorney Jackie Lacey on Prop. 64

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In passing Proposition 64, a majority of California voters approved a multi-step process for reducing or dismissing prior convictions involving marijuana.

My office is following that voter-approved process, which requires screening cases and judicial review and ensures public safety. The process also allows people most affected by these convictions to pro-actively petition the court for relief and move to the head of the line – rather than wait for my office to go through tens of thousands of case files.

In Los Angeles County, we estimate that there were 40,000 felony convictions involving marijuana since 1993. We are one of several prosecutorial agencies that file misdemeanor cases in Los Angeles County. We cannot determine at this time how many of these cases involve people who no longer require their criminal records be stricken for a variety of reasons, including death or incarceration.

We will continue to work with the criminal defense bar to ensure that the will of the voters is implemented in a fair and just manner in Los Angeles County.