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District Attorney

1864-1867; 1873-1876

District Attorney Volney E. Howard

Volney E. Howard

Volney Howard (1864-1867, 1873-1876), prior to arriving in Los Angeles in 1861, served in the U.S. Congress representing Texas from 1849 to 1853. He practiced law in San Francisco, but was asked to leave after he opposed the local vigilance committee. He was a respected lawyer in Los Angeles and was elected to four two-year terms as district attorney. Howard participated in California's second Constitutional Convention in 1878 that reorganized the state's judicial branch. In 1879, Howard and Ignacio Sepulveda were elected to serve as the first two judges of the newly formed Los Angeles Superior Court. Howard was a charter member and vice president of the first Los Angeles Bar Association, founded in 1878 to establish a local law library.