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Environmental Crimes/OSHA

One of District Attorney Jackie Lacey’s top priorities is to increase the office’s focus on investigating and prosecuting environmental crimes.

The District Attorney’s Environmental Law Section works with local, state and federal agencies to address environmental issues and investigate criminal matters. The office prosecutes those who hurt the environment and its residents by not obeying the rules and laws designed to protect them, as well as those businesses that gain unfair advantage over their competitors by circumventing the rules.

Some of the more common environmental offenses investigated and prosecuted include:

  • The illegal transportation, treatment, storage or disposal of hazardous waste

  • Oil spills and other discharges of toxic substances

  • Fraudulent certification of automobile smog tests

  • The emission of hazardous and dangerous chemicals into the air, water and soil

  • Death and serious injuries to employees whose employers fail to comply with safety regulations

Under District Attorney Lacey, the office has undertaken a successful training program for environmental crimes investigators. The daylong training teaches participants about how to prepare reports for cases to be submitted for prosecution. These trainings have helped yield better quality cases, aiding the prosecution of those who violate environmental laws and holding them accountable.

The District Attorney's Office also prosecutes workplace safety crimes. The office has obtained numerous criminal convictions for Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) violations.

Environmental Law Section
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