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Consumer Protection

A healthy economy where businesses strive benefits everyone, but businesses should not succeed on the backs of defrauded consumers. Tactics such as false advertising, price-fixing, and deceptive sales pitches hurt many people – both consumers and legitimate businesses alike.

The District Attorney’s Consumer Protection Division investigates and prosecutes unfair or dishonest business practices so that consumers in Los Angeles county get a dollar’s value for their dollar spent. Through jail sentences and lawsuits which levy heavy monetary penalties for fraudulent practices, the Consumer Protection Division strives to uphold consumer protection laws.

As the first line of defense against fraud, however, consumers must be constantly on guard. Learn more about consumer fraud by clicking on the links above. Consumer fraud is a uniquely preventable crime. By learning about current rip-offs in the marketplace and by following basic tips on smart consumer behavior, you can protect yourself and help us protect all the consumers of Los Angeles.

Consumer Protection Division
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