Goals and Initiatives

In her first weeks in office, District Attorney Jackie Lacey set several goals for the largest local prosecutorial agency in the nation, including:

Bolstering efforts to stop and prosecute identity thieves and organized high-tech criminals

The office has undertaken training programs for law enforcement professionals, prosecutors and judges on the use of forensic evidence related to complex cybercrimes. In October 2013, District Attorney Lacey hosted the office’s inaugural High Tech Fraud Symposium with a dozen expert speakers addressing a variety of topics including credit and bank card skimming, retail fraud, online bank fraud, phishing scams, identity theft, cyberspying and hacking.

Increasing resources dedicated to investigating and prosecuting environmental crimes

At District Attorney Lacey’s direction, the office started a successful training program for environmental crimes investigators and hosted a two-day multidisciplinary environmental justice symposium. In 2014, she launched a new program that dispatches LADA investigators and prosecutors to industrial incidents involving occupational deaths and environmental threats. The office also is building relationships with agencies and groups on topics relevant to environmental crimes.  Read more about the District Attorney’s efforts to enhance the prosecution of environmental crimes.

Implementing a campaign to educate and protect seniors from financial scams

District Attorney Lacey introduced a multimedia campaign that helps safeguard seniors from fraud. This includes video public service announcements, an informational pamphlet designed for seniors and a public outreach campaign with the Rotary Club of Los Angeles. The office’s Elder Abuse Symposiums have focused on training law enforcement officers and other professionals on recognizing potential fraud victims. Read more about financial frauds that target seniors.

Expanding the use of alternative sentencing for nonviolent offenders to help address jail overcrowding

Los Angeles County has developed alternative sentencing courts for specific nonviolent offenders in an effort to rehabilitate them, reduce recidivism and alleviate overcrowding in the jails. District Attorney Lacey is encouraging increased participation by creating the position of Alternative Court Designee and developing an office-wide education and training system. Read more about the District Attorney's commitment to alternative sentencing.